Life Insurance Company of Alabama

There is an interesting situation to highlight at Life Insurance Company of Alabama (tickers: LINSA, and LINS; disclosure long). This company has b...

On Beyond Investing September Newsletter

The latest issue of On Beyond Investing is out!

This is the annual speculative value issue.  I take a look at ideas that are risky, but have tremendous upside potential. an interesting story, and a new resource for Investors

I want to discuss an interesting company, and an interesting situation.  While I am not sure an investment here is worthwhile, given the recent mov...

Latest Newsletter and Updates

Latest issue of On Beyond Investing is out! This issue we follow up on the June 2018 issue where we took a deep look at Charter (ticker CHTR). In t...

Financial media needs to do better - a critical look at Brookfield Real Estate Service

When I started On Beyond Investing, it was to provide investment ideas, and to help educate investors.  Too often I find that the financial media, ...

Ira Sohn 2018 Investment contest finalist - Short Genworth MI Canada

I had the honour of being among four finalist for the Ira Sohn investment idea contest, as part of the Ira Sohn NYC conference.

While I was certainly disappointed not to win, it was a great experience and I met some investors who I have always wanted to meet, namely David Einhorn, Larry Robbins, and Nathaniel August.

My idea was one of four finalist of more than 400.  My idea was short Genworth MI Canada (ticker MIC), and I think it is a compelling short.  You can see my presentation slides here, and my full report below.  Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or thoughts you may have.   

Long Idea - Kinder Morgan

It isn't all doom and gloom here at On Beyond Investing. It is funny how investors that discuss bearish ideas seem to get labelled permabears.  I d...

Podcast Interview with J Capital Research

I had the pleasure of speaking with Anne Stevenson-Yang and here is the resulting podcast.

I share my views on the potential impact of higher interest rates.  Why markets don't appear to be pricing in this risk correctly.  And I also discuss which Canadian financials will be affected as the bubble continues to pop.

What Goes Up Season 2 Premier: The $53 Trillion Pricing Problem​​

My discussion about interest rates and bond markets with Deep Throat IPO

I had the pleasure of chatting with the very smart and interesting blogger behind Deep Throat IPO.  We decided to publish the back and forth we had on bond markets and the potential issues it may face.  Was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Here is the conversation we had

Long versus short Canadian lenders - Why are opinions so different?

Short sellers and regular Canadian investors have very different views of Canadian financials.  These disparate views are easier to understand when...

So what are you really saying OSFI? Taking a look at their latest mortgage underwriting letter

Last week OSFI released a letter about mortgage underwriting expectations.  I’m going to walk through the important parts of the letter and also po...

Home Capital, WTF just Happened?

So WTF just happened? For many years now, I have been long Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) and a huge fan of Warren Buffett.  For the past year or so, I h...