Was that the sound of the Canadian housing bubble popping???

A housing bubble needs two key elements to exist.  A delusion of the masses and easy credit. There was no better sign of delusion than the Toronto ...

Canadian lenders are safe, aren't they?!?

Wow!  If you would have told me that 100 people would read my last blog post I would have bet a beer on the under, so I was floored when over 200k ...

I attended the top of the Canadian Housing Market, so you didn't have to

Originally, I thought this would be a bit of a joke.  There were billboards in all the Toronto subway cars advertising the Canadian Real Estate Wea...

I did a podcast

Here is an interview I did with the Intelligent Investing Podcast.  It was a fun experience and Eric and I had a great discussion.

We talked about my diverse investing background, what readers of my newsletter can expect, overall market views, and a few specific investing ideas.

Let me know what you think.