Tim Bergin has 12 years of experience as a trader on a Proprietary Credit trading desk in New York and Toronto, and at hedge funds in Toronto.  In that time, I traded and invested in all asset categories - bonds, derivatives and equities - globally.  Wanting more freedom, I decided to focus on managing my own portfolio and investments.  I enjoy reading, learning and thinking deeply about markets and investments.  When not investing, I spend time with my wife and son in Toronto.

Investing Style

My investing style focuses on value; buying good companies well below fair value or finding mispriced securities with a lot more upside than downside.  This approach is a disciplined one with a long-term focus.  I am opportunistic and focus on areas of the market where recent volatility or apathy may create opportunity.

Newsletter Goals

The goal of the newsletter is to give readers a view of markets through the eyes of a portfolio manager.  I aim to educate readers on how a portfolio manager approaches markets, evaluates companies, and thinks about investing.